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UniPay Gateway: payment technology

After all the times when your expectations about payment technology were not met, did you wish for a product that could actually beat them?

UniPay Gateway was born out of need for a better payment processing platform. It began its path as an advanced recurring billing and collections software package, but as the number of processor and bank integrations had grown (due to greater number of customers adapting the product and requesting new connection end-points), it has evolved into a full blown payment gateway with advanced merchant and reseller management features.

From the time of its inception, UniPay was designed to be the ultimate payment orchestration tool, designed to seamlessly manage financial flows associated with transaction processing, recurring billing, sub-merchant funding, tiered commission sharing and many other things essential for billing companies and payment gateway services.

Over the years, UniPay evolved into an enterprise-scale payment management platform and one of the most popular open source payment gateway software packages.

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Why choose UniPay Gateway’s Payment Technology?

Feature Rich Functionality

UniPay Gateway is more than just a payment gateway, it’s a payment processing platforms rich with features and functionality that most medium and enterprise scale companies operating in the payment space require. Don’t settle for less, demand more. Try our payment technology and see how different your business can be with advanced technology.

  • Direct to processor/bank integrations
  • Recurring billing and Collections
  • Aggregation, remittance, fee management
  • Many, many more

Clean and Modern Design

Tiered of black and green mainframe screens? Management of DLLs overburdens your operations? Take a deep breath of fresh air with modern cloud ready technology. Well designed and robust service oriented architecture, combined with cutting edge front-end technology and leading payment industry know how. Payment technology that doesn’t suck!

  • Modular service oriented architecture
  • Scalable, database agnostic design
  • The best of enterprise Java
  • Flexible open source technologies

Extendible and Customizable

In today’s world a black-box software package is simply not an option. In addition to making our product open source, we make an array of integration tools available. Out of the box you get three powerful APIs and numerous integrations with existing cloud services that you can leverage as part of your payments solution. Choose payment technology, which is flexible.

  • Easy to use transaction processing API
  • Restful API for merchant management
  • Pre-built integrations with cloud services
  • Open source code – change as you please

Discover what our payment technology can do for you.

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