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UniPay Gateway: Payment Technology

United Thinkers is formalizing its program to create a clear path to increased profits for holding companies by offering a suite of services designed especially for consolidation. We serve enterprise-level companies with departments, divisions, and subsidiary companies which have evolved independently, and don’t necessarily work as a collective.

We fully understand all the different reasons why you might have utilized a variety of different partners and providers to develop your own payment processing solutions in the past. Moving forward, however, it may be time to help you evolve into a single payment processing product that will unify your company and perhaps even save you money with an overall reduction in fees.

Why choose UniPay Gateway’s Payment Technology?

Feature Rich Functionality
UniPay Gateway is more than just a payment gateway, it’s a payment processing platforms rich with features and functionality that most medium and enterprise scale companies operating in the payment space require. Don’t settle for less, demand more. Try our payment technology and see how different your business can be with advanced technology
payment technology
payment technology
Clean and Modern Design
Tiered of black and green mainframe screens? Management of DLLs overburdens your operations? Take a deep breath of fresh air with modern cloud ready technology. Well designed and robust service oriented architecture, combined with cutting edge front-end technology and leading payment industry know how. Payment technology that doesn’t suck!
Extendible and Customizable
In today’s world a black-box software package is simply not an option. In addition to making our product open source, we make an array of integration tools available. Out of the box you get three powerful APIs and numerous integrations with existing cloud services that you can leverage as part of your payments solution. Choose payment technology, which is flexible.
payment technology

Discover what our payment technology can do for you.