Vantiv is a large-size payment processor that has a program for payment facilitators. It has two platforms, Tandem and Lowell, that cover all the major payment facilitation aspects, including merchant onboarding and provisioning, chargeback handling, account updater, payment reconciliation and reporting, and, of course, real-time and batch transaction processing.

Solutions implemented in the two platforms to fulfill the listed tasks, are slightly different, as Tandem is a legacy platform and Lowell is a new one.

Facilitator program

If you are attracted by payment facilitator program, offered by Vantiv, you need to keep in mind that integration might take months. However, it can be sped up if you integrate with some platform that is already integrated with Vantiv (UniPay Gateway is an example of such a platform). Thus, you will be able to enjoy the advantages of both Vantiv platforms through a unified API.

 If you want to know more on processor-specific platform Vantiv, visit Paylosophy website.