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Before Starting a Payment Facilitation Project

If you want to start a payment facilitation project, you need to address two aspects – business and technical. Business aspect is more important, it concerns finding an acquiring partner. However, prior to moving on to technical issues, you have to clarify several important matters with the acquirer. As a

White label Payment Facilitator Model

White label payment facilitator model is an intermediate try-it-before-buy-it solution for a company that wants to become a PayFac, but is not ready to face all the requirements and assume the responsibilities, specific to payment facilitation. Under white-label PayFac model the company gains control over merchant onboarding, funding, reconciliation, settlement, chargeback ...

Your Own Payment Gateway Similar to Stripe or Square

Stripe or Square can be rightfully called the leaders of the market, thanks to broad diversification of their offerings, customer bases, and revenue sources. They offer a multitude of solutions to various groups of merchants, including famous highly-profiled startups, such as Facebook and Lyft. Indeed, for startup merchants, partnership with Stripe ...

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