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VAR, ISV, Next-generation ISO: Outside Payment Facilitator Paradigm

Payment facilitator model is a lucrative option for many present-day companies. Those who implement the PayFac model get their residual revenue share for handling both business and technical aspects of merchant lifecycle. That is why the model seems so attractive for different kinds of businesses with established customer bases and KYC functionality in place. Traditional

Cross-border Transaction Processing Fees

Are you a merchant that wants to expand internationally? If the answer is yes, then there are several issues you should think about. Primarily, these issues concern international acquiring services and cross-border transaction fees.

Credit Card Processing Cost and Quality

Do you think your credit card processing cost is high? Would you rather partner with a new payment processor and charging lower credit card processing fees? These and similar questions are plaguing many modern-day companies. And many of these companies are unaware of the fact that their respective electronic payment processing solutions are not that bad. Some companies represent ...

Merchant of Record and Payment Facilitator

Sometimes the name that you see on the receipt after making a purchase is not the name of the actual retailer. The entity that is charging payments for products and services and holds the amount paid by the customer before it is distributed among all the interested parties and affiliates is called the merchant of record. If you are a small-size merchant that needs to accept ...

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