If you are a Saas platform provider, you may benefit from becoming a payment facilitator. There are three conceptual approaches you can choose from. For example, you can add some new integrations to your existing platform in order to get such services as ongoing merchant fraud monitoring, chargeback handling, and onboarding. Another option is to either license an open-source product and customize it according to your needs or use an existing third-party platform. Of course, your choice will depend on the functions you need your payment facilitation platforms to have. For more or less transparent business models third-party platform-as-service may be the most acceptable solution, while a business, organized in a more complex way, might benefit from a customizable licensed solution, especially in the long run.

PayFac for Saas platform providers

You are welcome to read the respective article on Paylosophy that provides more detailed guidelines for becoming a PayFac for Saas platform providers.