Can complex business logic be combined with advanced technology to produce a coherent and user-friendly software application?

Nearly two decades ago, United Thinkers was established as a payment gateway technology company to answer that very question, and throughout its existence, it has proven on multiple occasions that the answer is a resounding yes!
Knowledge and experience, combined with ingenuity and discipline, and backed by a persistent and unfaltering belief in success, have allowed our team to deliver results that consistently outperform the expectations of our customers, even on the most challenging projects. 

We specialize in the engineering, development, and implementation of scalable software applications which serve as multi-functional integrated solutions for medium and large size businesses. Our primary concentrations, however, are in the areas of electronic payment processing, recurring billing, and collections.

The UniPay Integrated Gateway is our flagship product and is an enterprise-scale billing, processing, and collections platform. Our payment specialist teams include experienced programmers, back office developers, thinkers, and coders who have put their insight, ingenuity, and more than a decade of payment processing industry experience into the design and implementation of our innovative payment systems. These teams are responsible for the platform’s architecture and API development, as well as product implementation, deployment, and production support.

Using our internal resources, and relying on a worldwide network of partners, we also support our clients with custom software development, sales, web-marketing, merchant services, and collections. Additionally, we offer a robust consultation service focused on payment processing and PCI compliance, as well as web marketing and e-Commerce.

United Thinkers is one of the very few payment technology companies globally qualified to provide professional solutions and services to companies requiring expert compliance or consulting support in the areas of secure electronic payment processing, recurring billing, and collections.

By offering software for various payment gateway solutions, United Thinkers has the right “fit” for our customers’ business needs. UniPay Gateway has grown to be the most innovative, intuitive, reliable, and flexible integrated ACH, debit/credit card payment-processing gateway on the market today.

Whatever the size of your business, whatever your industry, we have the payment processing solutions to meet your individual requirements. Whatever you’re looking for in a payment processing partner, you’ll find the answer in our flagship product, the UniPay Integrated Gateway.

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