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After years of work within payment processing industry building enterprise level payment gateway software, we felt the time has come to share some of our knowledge and experience with others.

Everybody needs some good payment advice around transactions processing and we all face challenges wrestling with different kinds of payment technology. From straight transaction processing, to encryption algorithms, to tokenization, mobile payments and international processing, Paylosophy is your number one source for quality information about payment technology and the go-to place for a payment advice.

At Paylosophy, we explain philosophy behind our payment processing technology, share our experiences throughout various integration projects (both at the front-end with payment terminals, magnetic card readers, card scanners and receipt printers, and at the back-end with payment processors, payment gateways and banks), and express our thoughts about latest trends within the payment industry.

Along with one-time independent posts, we maintain blog mini-series, which address different aspects of a single topic and provide relevant and pertinent payment advice. Currently, we maintain Payment Gateways series, discussing various concepts that should be considered during payment gateway software selection and Payment Concepts series, which studies closely anatomy of various transaction types and associated processes, which are common in the payment processing industry.

If you would like to gain an in-depth understanding of our methodology or need some payment advice (around processing, integrations or funding), Paylosophy is a resource for you. If your are struggling with an integration project into any of the major processors (FirstData, Global, Tsys, Paymentech, Vantiv, and so on), check out our blog and don’t hesitate to ask questions if the information you need is not there. We have been there. We feel your pain. We will help with advice.

If there is a topic that we missed and you would like us to cover or if you would like to contributed to our blog through a guest post, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are posting weekly and will gladly collaborate to meet your needs.

Check out our Paylosophy blog for your free payment advice.