As true subject matter experts, our team of united professionals brings a combination of various background experiences to our customers. At United Thinkers, we have multiple decades’ worth of experience throughout every aspect of the payment industry and turning to us means you’re tapping into a wealth of resources beyond just a software product.

Our clients most often include those who come to us when they are in search of one or more of the following services:

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Legacy System Replacement
UniPay offers a fresh, contemporary approach to payment processing that can replace your dated payment processing method. Modern times require modern solutions that make migration easy.
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Processing Consolidation
Save on fees and increase efficiency when you bring everything together with the UniPay gateway. Not only will your company become more integrated and cohesive moving forward, but you’ll also enjoy the additional benefits a streamlined service affords.
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Payment Ecosystem Landscaping
With UniPay’s open source commercial software as the basis for your new payment ecosystem, you’re starting well ahead of the competition. When every aspect of the software is fully customizable, you are truly the captain of your ship. Take the wheel and enjoy the flexibility to tailor each process to serve your business model and your clients best.
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PayFac Implementation
Becoming a payment facilitator involves many challenges, to say the least. The UniPay gateway product can quickly resolve your technology issues, while our team of skilled professionals helps you to overcome other common stumbling blocks in different areas.
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EMV Implementation
Terminal solution implementation begins with the right technology to make EMV compliance possible. Our modern gateway solution is ready for EMV and whatever comes next

We understand that there is no “one-size-fits-all” answer to the needs of business owners today, and we strive to help each of our clients assemble the very best solutions for their business model while delivering world-class customer service. Our client base is made up primarily of the following entities, each of which requires an individualized and sometimes sophisticated solution for their processing needs.


Often, the efforts of investors require the optimization of operations amongst their portfolio’s companies to maximize overall performance. Generally, such restructurings are completed with HR, accounting, and legal departments in mind; however, we have come to notice an upward trend in the increased need for cross-portfolio optimizations, specifically in the area of electronic payment processing. Through our work with companies with needs similar to those listed within their own portfolios, we have identified several technical challenges with payment processing which require additional outside support.

If each company within your portfolio processes transactions through different processing methods, UniPay can help alleviate some of your challenges by allowing for all payment processing to be streamlined and consolidated into a single payment technology.

UniPay facilitates direct connectivity with processors, which not only reduces transaction fees by eliminating unnecessary or redundant gateways but also provides more control over the functionality needed to manage each business’s specific needs. Additionally, when you have standardized systems and processes in place across your entire portfolio, employees throughout each of your companies can more easily collaborate using a technology that everyone understands.

Holding Companies

United Thinkers is formalizing its program to create a clear path to increased profits for holding companies by offering a suite of services designed especially for consolidation. We serve enterprise-level companies with departments, divisions, and subsidiary companies which have evolved independently, and don’t necessarily work as a collective.

We fully understand all the different reasons why you might have utilized a variety of different partners and providers to develop your own payment processing solutions in the past. Moving forward, however, it may be time to help you evolve into a single payment processing product that will unify your company and perhaps even save you money with an overall reduction in fees.

Payment Facilitators

We pride ourselves on providing answers to every question payment facilitators present concerning to credit card payment processing, merchant services, EMV certifications, and various other payment industry-related issues they may be struggling with.

United Thinkers allows users to immediately take advantage of our payment gateway software, instant merchant onboarding, underwriting, and processing which enables their merchants to get started quickly in accepting card transactions. We make it easy with features and payment facilitator models like split-funding and merchant funding, white label or co-brand.

The United Thinkers team has years of experience in navigating the payment facilitator waters and works with you to not only identify but understand and incorporate the options and solutions necessary to satisfy each of your business’s requirements.

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