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who develops this payment gateway technology?Who are we?

Innovative payment gateway technology company. Group of committed, creative thinkers with a vision. Experts in the field of electronic payment processing and payment gateway software.

What can this payment gateway technology offer?What we do?

Development of payment gateway technology. Design of scalable gateway architecture. Engineering of sophisticated enterprise scale payment processing services and payment APIs.

Can this payment gateway technology help you?Can we help?

Better way to handle payment processing? Replace legacy payment technology? Surpass limitations imposed by your current payment gateway technology? Yes, we can help!

What is unique about our payment technology?

In the market dominated by outdated and limited technology, which no longer responds to the rapidly changing needs of the expanding payment industry, we bring innovation and limitless opportunity with our modern, enterprise-scale payment gateway technology. Payment processing, recurring billing, account management – these and many other features are available through a suite of software packages offered by our company. Usage of modern technology and enterprise architecture make our technology truly unique.

How can our payment technology be used?

Born out of payment industry needs and forged by payment industry’s demands, our technology can be compared to a Swiss army knife – it’s usage is only limited by your imagination. It can be used as a gateway to process through major processors and banks, it can be transformed into an advanced CRM for recurring billing and debt management, it can be deployed as a sophisticated payment flow orchestration engine to accommodate complex remittance processes and tiered commissions disbursement.

Can our payment technology be customized?

Our technology is fully customizable on two levels. Externally, we expose comprehensive restful APIs that can be used by external systems for integration. Internally, we use modular architecture with embedded scripting engine, which greatly simplifies both customization of existing system’s behavior and implementation/integration of the new functionality. All our products can be easily extended and white-labeled.

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